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Marcela’s beauty salon is located in one of the most fashionable parts of London and has a reputation for being the best.

Its look, location, history and clientele all contribute to its attraction. Over time Marcela, world famous beauty expert and practitioner has gathered and personally trained a team of beauty specialists, most of which from south American origins. Nowhere in the UK will you find a more experienced and dedicated team of beauty experts.

Olinda has been serving clients at the salon for over fifteen year, taking direction from Marcela in the early days and subsequently taking over from Marcela, and caring for her many longstanding and loyal clients.

Marcela’s team care for their clients in the way Marcela would herself and pride themselves on learning from the best.

Marcela although constantly working on groundbreaking beauty related projects, still spends as much time as possible at the salon with her clients and team. This is something she is committed to and is a delight for all who enter the salon.

There is only one Marcela's and one place to truly experience beauty treatments at there best and that is our our salon!

About Marcela

Marcela, originally from Colombia came to London in 1985. Before emigrating to England Marcela resided in Bogota, where she had successfully established herself as a high-end specialist beauty therapist. Before long she was running her own business there, which she sold before embarking on her new life in the UK.

Marcela’s plan was then to study Art, which she did. She funded her studies, which also included English, by introducing her beauty treatments to new clients in London. Before long Marcela’s reputation spread—it seemed that everyone loved her unique Latin touch. She became overwhelmed with the volume of clients wanting to be treated by her. Marcela was in very high demand.

At this time Marcela can to the attention of Royal Hairdresser Richard Dalton, personal hairdresser to the former Princess Lady Diana. Marcela was soon invited to work with Richard, which in turn lead to her patronage expanding and extending to many Royal and high profile society figures.

Marcela’s dream of creating wonderful works of art, working with acrylics and watercolours, now had to wait. She now found herself doing wonderful work at locations such as Harrods, Claridges and stately private residences.

Daniel Hersheson was not going to miss out and with Marcela’s reputation scaling the heights, he invited Marcela to join his Mayfair establishment. This she did, to the delight of not only Daniel but all who had the opportunity to be treated by this amazing Latin lady.

To the delight of all her clients, Marcela opened her first place in 1993. This was ideally situated in the heart of Kensington, on Thackeray Street. This was always going to be a success as Marcela was inundated with work; more and more every day. With loyal, longstanding clients and a staff reputed for their excellence, there was only one thing Marcela could do—expand.

It was very important Marcela remain in her beloved Kensington and so a place was found on Holland Street. A quaint spot, steeped in charm and character, this was the perfect place for Marcela. Her little corner of Kensington and home for clients old and new.

There are so many wonderful aspects to Marcela's life and work, which are a joy to learn about. Everyone looks forward to their visits to her Holland Street salon; when she is present there is never a dull moment. Marcela is a great conversationalist and enjoys engaging with her clients, often giving handy tips and updating them with the latest treatment and product information, sharing her wealth of knowledge and honest advice.

Being a very hands-on kind of person, however busy, Marcela can still be found manning the reception, conducting treatments or welcoming a client. If you were to find Marcela at the salon in the morning, you may find yourself chatting with her over a latte (Colombian—what else?!)

One of her great pleasures is also afternoon tea at 4pm and this is something Marcela’s clients really look forward to.

With the launch of a new product range aptly named “Marcela’s” and a number of other projects in the pipeline, there is for sure much, much more to come from Marcela!