Christmas at MARCELAS

24th of December 9 - 4pm

25th Closed

26th Closed

27th and 28th 9 - 8 pm 

29th 10 - 6pm

31st of December 9 - 4pm

1st of January Closed


October - Breat Cancer Awarness Month

At MARCELAS we will run some events in October for the Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we will keep in touch to inform you.


Bank Holiday August 2018

We will be closed on the 26th and 27th of August.



Book your appointment and try our organic, non toxic colours from our ZOYA Summer Collection


Honouring the Suffraguettes - White


Honouring the Suffraguettes - Purple

We are celebrating the 100th year anniversary of women's right to vote in the UK by using the colours of the women who made it happen... the Suffraguettes!  Our exclusive June manicure uses the colours and flower symbol of the Suffraguettes.


Spring 2018

Spring is here and we are feeling floral at MARCELAS. Our nail technicians can do wonders with the latest OPI Lisbon collection.


Collagen Plus coming soon

New Skin Collagen Plus packages together two supplements to help support optimum collagen production* for youthful, healthy looking skin**. As we get older, skin starts to lose elasticity and fine lines and wrinkles begin to appear. Advanced Nutrition Programme’s Skin Collagen Plus delivers a double impact of vitamins and nutrients to help plump and smooth the skin. Perfect as a complement for those having Collagen Stimulation Therapy™ or Collagen Power Facials.

 *Vitamin C contributes to normal collagen formation, protection of cells from oxidative stress, normal functioning of blood vessels and regeneration of vitamin E.

**Vitamin A contributes to the maintenance of normal skin


OPI Lisbon Collection

Brighten up you week with the new OPI Lisbon Spring/Summer collection now at MARCELA'S


World Cancel Day - 4th February

At MARCELAS we are celebrating the World Cancer Day please come this week to celebrate with us.


Winter Blues

Winter Blues? Not with these electric nails! What a great way to start the week with an OPI glitter manicure



So far so good


Thank you all for the great reviews to our new ZOYA no-toxin and OPI brands.

They will bring beautiful and joyful colours for this Christmas season.



OPI 1 2 3


Just three steps to get shiny nails that will lasts up to 10 days.

1. Prime - Base Coat

2. Lacquer - Infinite Shine Lacquer.

3. Gloss - Final touch Top Coat


Guy Fawkes celebration at MARCELAS - Friday 3rd of November

Come to celebrate Guy Fawkes at MARCELAS with the launch of our two new brands, the organic ZOYA nail colours and OPI Lacquers and Infinite Shine


OPI Lacquer ZOYA Lacquer



At Marcela's we sell the latest Environ products and we offer luxurious Environ facials. Treat your skin and book your appointment today on 020 7938 1555


Nail art

Look what we can do in 15minutes! This is a beautiful revarnish done in our salon by the talented Patricia with our new colours from Colombia




These sizzling summer toes are holiday ready! Get yours ready with a beautiful pedicure at Marcela's


New scrub for hands and body

Passion fruit scrub for hands and body


New cuticule oil at Marcelas

Try the wonders of our new cuticule oil at MARCELAS


Magic and waterproof nail file

This nail file will change your life !!!


Just landed ...

Gorgeous and colourful cosmetic bags have arrived from latinamerica


Competition - We have a winner

We are proud to announce the lucky winner of our free pedicure contest Kimberly Maurer, congratulations !!

Follow our Instagram account, we will be running another contest very soon.

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Nail Extensions

Check the videos on our facebook and see unique techniques to achieve long lasting and beautiful nail extensions.

Book your appointment now


Essie - Spring 2017

Embrace Spring time with the new Essie collection at MARCELAS


Bridal Parties at Marcelas

Bring 4 or more friends and your treatment will be FREE !


Student Discount

 Until 20th of March


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Gift Vouchers

Don't forget to buy your Christmas presents, Gift Vouchers from MARCELAS  !!

Excellent service in waxing, threading, massage, facials, manicure and pedicure. 



Tribute to Colombian community at Waterstones

Marcelas was on the newspapers last week. Express News, week of 10th to 16th of November edition . "Tribute to Colombian community at Waterstones". If you want to read the whole article go to Page 7 on


Anglo colombian Event - October 28th



Marcela was invited by Waterstones Picadilly on the 28th of October to share the story of her trajectory building a successful business such as MARCELAS. The evening was a great opportunity to appreciate the Anglo Colombian connection.



Daily routine for your foot care

You can incorporate this into your shower routine

Exfoliation: after 5-10 minutes in the shower your feet will be soft. I recommend using the Marcelas’s hand and foot exfoliation which has all the essential ingredients to scrub away hard, dead skin and moisturise.

Filling: once you have scrubbed you may find you still have hard skin, in this case you can use the Marcela’s foot file with a little dollop of the exfoliation on the area that is still tough and file until you feel it soft and smooth. Dry your feet well as fungal organisms thrive in moisture.

Massage: take your favourite rich foot cream, and give yourself a 5 minute foot massage on each foot. I recommend the Marcela’s peppermint foot cream as it gives a refreshing tingle and aroma to your feet.  This massage will make a difference to your stress levels, circulation and even levels of energy.


Pedicure once a month




Book a pedicure once a month to have your nails, toes professionally inspected; our beauticians are trained to give you tips and spot fungal infections.




Week 5 - Top Manicure Tips ( 5 of 5). Get a manicure at least every 10 days


A good thorough manicure should leave you with the feeling of new hands and stops you biting your nails and encourages you to keep up with hand and nail care and seasonal colours, but most of all we love to pamper our clients and share with them our latin culture!



Week 4 - Top Manicure Tips ( 4 of 5). Rub cuticle oil on your nails at night

This really does make a big difference to nail strength and keeping your finger tips soft and hydrated. We apply this at the end of the manicure and it is the final touch because I love the smell and feeling of the natural apricot kernel oil I put in the Marcela’s cuticle oil.


Week 3 - Top Manicure Tips ( 3 of 5). Use a rich, nourishing hand cream daily



Use a rich, nourishing hand cream daily

Pamper yourself (or come to us and we will!) with a gentle 5 minute massage a day. It’s great for de-stressing, especially as we are constantly using our hands in the same position on our phones and computer, but also it leaves hands protected and looking and feeling soft.


Week 2 - Top Manicure Tips ( 2 of 5). Base coat before polish

Apply a nail treatment base coat before polish or for natural nails

This gives your nails protection from varnish staining but also strengthens the nail to encourage growth and repair. At the salon we use my Colombian made base coats. My favourite one for really weak nail is their natural nails through following our nail care steps.



Week 1 - Top Manicure Tips ( 1 of 5). Exfoliate

Exfoliate your hands at least once a week

It is better to use exfoliation scrubs that are plant based as opposed to salt which I find can be too rough on the skin. In my Colombian home made exfoliation scrub I use rice ground up rice grain as it is soft and rice bran oil as it is rich in vitamins, nutrients and antioxidants.



Captain America nails style


Duribland - If you have not tried yet ...

Duribland is one of our main hand and foot care product. It softens hard skin allowing fast and easy removal without cutting or filing. find it in three presentations 500ml, 200ml and 35ml.

We have an OFFER at MARCELAS get one Duribland 500 ml and get one 35ml free.


New - Henna at Marcelas

Shenaz our expert beauty therapy is giving to your hands a beautiful touch with her henna tatoos designs.

Come to Marcelas to try.


Environ Avance DPF 312

We invite you to look the video for the new Environ Product Avance DPF 312


Marcelas event - so much fun!!

On saturday 13th of February we had so much fun at Marcelas with our Makeup Masterclass event. Natalie Kamal, professional makeup artist, did not rest until all our customers were ready for St. Valentine's celebrations.

And the good news ... Natalia will be back for another event soon.



At Marcela's we have the Collagen Power facial. I invite you to follow the benefits of this wonderful treatment.…



Our nail technician Teresa will be back at Marcela’s on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.

For any appointments with her please call us on 020 7938 1555


Hello Magazine - Jane Iredale


The Kensington Magazine Editor's Review September 2015

Find the article by Lucy Elliott  "Manicure Pedicure Perfectionist" in the The Kensington Magazine September 2015.


Shellac and Vinilux

Our latest collection of Shellac and Vinilux

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Jane Iredale

It is being a year with Jane Iredale mineral makeup at Marcela's.  We are still very happy to work with this amazing cosmetic company as the results are more than brilliant !!!

It works very well in combination with our Environ Skin care.

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NOW AVAILABLE - CACI Award Winning Anti Ageing Treatments

CACI ULTIMATE- Combined Non Surgical Facial Toning & 

Microdermabrasion System

 It is the most effective anti-ageing treatment available, combines CACI Non Surgical Facial Toning, Crystal Free orbital Microdermabrasion and LED Light Therapy.   




CACI Ultimate Face lift (Non surgical)

1 hour – £75    Course of 6 treatments – £450 (7th free/ MAINTANENCE) The most advanced facelift system of its time and voted the most effective anti-ageing treatment.

CACI Hydratone Facial

1 hour  – £75  · Course of 6 treatments – £450 (7th free) If your skin is feeling dehydrated or damaged by sun, this treatment is perfect – an intense skin hydration that infuses the skin with Keratin and vitamins E and C. It works by plumping-out fine lines and wrinkles.

CACI Healing Booster / Microdermabrasion

40 mins – £50  ·  Course of 6 treatments – £300 (7th free) This is an effective facial treatment for skin with acne scars, stretch-marks, deep blemishes or sun damage. We use LED healing light therapy and crystal-free micro-dermabrasion.

CACI Ultimate Red Carpet Treatment

45 mins – £55 Ever wondered how celebrities look so bright and toned at red-carpet events? This quick-boost treatment offers an immediate lift to your skin using LED light therapy and a wrinkle comb. A hydrotone mask also rehydrates the skin. If you’ve a special occasion coming up, this could be the treatment for you.


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Rock Hard Nails - now available !!!

Artistic Nail Design presents Rock Hard Nails. The integrated technology creates nails that are strong, flexible, and withstand the toughest clients. Rock Hard Nail products are derived from a proprietary blend of monomers chemically altered into fine polymers and smooth oligomers creating the first ever full line of nail enhancement products that are engineered to work together, to create Rock Hard Nails every time.  

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